Frequently Asked Questions

What Is MLSTour360?
What Exactly Is MLSTour360?

MLSTour360 is an online tool that informs potential home buyers what it feels like to live inside the listed home property. It is a virtual-reality-like simulation that allows users to rotate their point of view a full 360 degrees both horizontally and vertically, all from the same location within a particular room of the house. In addition, the user can also move from location to location within the same room or throughout the same house with a smooth animated transition. This gives the illusion of walking through the home. MLSTour360 was designed to give a highly realistic sensation that the user is actually inside the home. More than just a virtual tour, MLSTour360 is more like virtual reality. MLSTour360 increases home sales and pays for itself, especially for recently renovated homes, high-end homes, newly constructed homes, and well-maintained homes. MLSTour360 can cover either the entire house or only a part of the home as desired by the real estate agent. To better understand how MLSTour360 works, please see a demonstration of MLSTour360 in action.

Isn't MLSTour360 Sort Of Like Google Street View?

MLSTour360 is similar to Google Street View but not the same. Unlike Google Street View, MLSTour360 is designed to sell real estate properties fast. Every design decision behind MLSTour360 was made with that goal in mind. These design decisions are proprietary and cannot be disclosed to the general public.

Common Questions From Real Estate Agents
Why Would I Want To Use MLSTour360 To Help Sell My Property?

MLSTour360 stirs up excitement for a property far better than conventional photographs. This leads to faster home sales and higher selling prices.

The main reason is that conventional photographs do not strongly convey what it feels like to actually live inside the property. MLSTour360 delivers that feeling at a completely different level through virtual-reality-like simulation. In addition, MLSTour360 conveys the layout of the home while conventional photographs cannot.

Imagine that you are a home buyer and you are browsing Zillow, your local MLS website, or other online real estate marketplace. You see two home listings at similar price and quality. The first home listing shows you an MLSTour360 that "takes" you inside the home and shows you exactly what it is like to live there. The second listing does not. You are quite impressed with the MLSTour360 and are consequently more confident about the first home. Which home listing's agent would you want to call first? All other factors being equal, it is more likely that you will want to first call the agent of the listing with the MLSTour360. Based on objective experimental data, we conservatively estimate that MLSTour360 boosts the home sales rate by 30% or more, especially for high-end homes, newly renovated homes, newly constructed homes, and homes in excellent condition.

What Is The Price Of MLSTour360?

Currently, we quote prices on a job-by-job basis. The price is based on our best estimate of the amount of time required to shoot the MLSTour360 of the property and also to process the image data on our computers. A very small house might cost $200 while a 20,000 square foot house might cost $800.

What Happens When An MLSTour360 Photographer Arrives At My Property?

Upon arrival to the property, the MLSTour360 photographer will spend about 5 to 10 minutes setting up the tripod, mounting the camera equipment, and double-checking camera settings. Optionally, if you want to help accelerate the process, you may walk around the home to look for opportunities to increase the amount of lighting throughout the home such as opening up window curtains and blinds, and turning on lights. The photographer will then shoot the home to acquire image data for the MLSTour360. During this shooting, you and any other people in the home must always be out of view of the camera. If you can see the camera, then the camera can see you. If the camera can see you, then you will be in the final MLSTour360. This is generally not desirable.

During the shooting, try to avoid talking to the photographer if at all possible. Our unique shooting process requires a certain level of concentration from the photographer. If the photographer makes a mistake in the shooting, or even suspects that a mistake was made, the photographer will have to redo some of the shooting, which consumes more time.

Your responsibility during the shooting will be essentially nil, so you are free to do other things such as catch up on email, make phone calls to clients, or talk to the current owner of the property.

Once the shooting is complete, the photographer will disassemble the tripod, pack up the camera equipment, and leave the property unless regular photographs also need to be taken.

How Long Does It Take To Shoot An MLSTour360 For A Given Property?

It depends on the number of camera positions throughout the house. A small house might require only 25 camera positions while a multi-million-dollar home might require 140 camera positions. The square footage of the home is an approximate indicator of the amount of time, labor, and price for creating an MLSTour360 for a property.

The amount of time also depends on the level of brightness inside the home. Brighter homes are faster to shoot than darker homes. Sunlight entering the windows will make the home brighter and faster to shoot. Consequently, the weather and time of day has an important impact on shooting time. For fastest shooting, it is important to prepare the home by opening as many window curtains and blinds as possible and by turning on as many lights as possible inside the home. A bright home can be shot in about half the time as a dark home. If time is important to you, you may consider helping out to increase the brightness of the home during the MLSTour360 shooting of the property.

The "average" 3,000 square foot home under "average" brightness levels normally takes about an hour to shoot.

When Will The MLSTour360 Of My Property Be Ready For Buyers To See?

After the on-site shooting, the MLSTour360 of the property will be ready for buyers to see within 48 business hours. We will email you the Web URL of the MLSTour360, which you can link from your various online real estate marketplace listings.

After An MLSTour360 Is Created For My Property, How Do I Show Potential Buyers The MLSTour360?

Once an MLSTour360 is created for your property, it is ready to be viewed by potential buyers. The MLSTour360 of your property will have a specific Web URL. Anyone can view the MLSTour360 of that property by going to its URL via web browser. The URL can also be linked from many different online real estate marketplaces such as your local MLS, Zillow, Trulia, and many others. For example, your property's listing on Zillow can display a button or link that, when clicked, will open a new window or tab on their browser that displays the MLSTour360 of the property.

To create a link from a real estate marketplace, first log into the real estate marketplace under your account. Then edit the listing of the property. Most serious, well-known real estate marketplaces should allow you to create a link from your property listing to any external Web URL. Depending on the real estate marketplace, this may be called a "link", "virtual tour", or some other name. It is called different names by different marketplaces but the idea is the same: to provide a clickable link from your property listing to any Web URL that is external to the marketplace's website. You can test the feature by linking one of your property listings to "". If it works for that URL, it should work for any URL including the MLSTour360 URL of your property.

What If MLSTour360 Reveals Too Many Details Of The House, Including Details That May Turn Off Buyers?

MLSTour360 can cover either the entire house or only part of the house as desired by the real estate agent. This means that MLSTour360 can omit certain rooms in the house that the real estate agent would rather not show. In extreme cases, MLSTour360 can cover only one single room or one single location in the home. For example, if the house has an excellent kitchen, MLSTour360 can show multiple 360-degree camera positions inside the kitchen but not anywhere else in the house. This would result in a lower price for our service and still give buyers a highly professional impression of the home that goes far beyond just ordinary pictures.

What If I Have Another Photographer For Shooting Conventional Photographs?

You can still use us only for the MLSTour360 while the other photographer shoots conventional photographs. We can shoot the MLSTour360 at the same time that the other photographer shoots the conventional photographs. In these situations, we would typically start shooting our MLSTour360 at the opposite side of the house from where the other photographer is shooting the conventional photographs. This should minimize the number of "collisions" between us and the other photographer.

Do You Also Do Conventional Photographs? What Else Do You Do?

Yes, we do conventional photographs. We also do home sales videos, aerial footage using drones, and entire sales websites dedicated to selling only a single house. For these photographs and videos, we use only the highest quality cameras and lenses. We also test and certify our photographers for competency. And, as with MLSTour360, our special photographic, videographic, and web design techniques are designed to help sell homes fast. Unlike other companies and individuals, our whole mission and focus is to help sell homes fast. Every design, equipment, and employee hiring decision we make is with that goal in mind. If you want to give your property the best possible chance of selling, use our services.

Since we offer discounted pricing packages for combining multiple services, you may consider using us for all of your real estate photographic and videographic needs. One common combination is MLSTour360 and conventional photography as a single pricing package.

How Do I Place An Order?

To get started, just go to our page for real estate agents and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. You will be contacted shortly thereafter.

Common Questions From Photographers
Can I Offer MLSTour360 To My Real Estate Clients?

Absolutely. Just go to our page for photographers and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. You will be contacted shortly therafter.

How Much Does It Cost To Become An MLSTour360 Photographer?

You will most likely need to buy or rent a piece of hardware equipment worth around $600. If renting, you may be able to rent on a per-job basis.

However, we have a special deal for new MLSTour360 photographers. If you make the initial investment to become an MLSTour360 photographer, we will completely waive the marketing fee that we would normally charge for any MLSTour360 job opportunities that we send to you until your total accumulated revenue exceeds your initial investment. In other words, we send free MLSTour360 job opportunities to all new MLSTour360 photographers until their initial investment pays off.

How Much Money Can I Make As An MLSTour360 Photographer?

You can charge real estate agents whatever you want and set your own prices. However, we charge you a flat fee per house for the use of our software and technology. We will also host your MLSTour360s on our web servers, so we cover the hosting expenses.

You would be responsible for your own marketing and client acquisition. The number of MLSTour360 clients you have and the amount of money you ultimately make depend on your marketing efforts.

Can You Send Me Some Of Your MLSTour360 Job Opportunities If I'm Willing To Pay Extra For Them?

Yes. We charge a 25% marketing fee for every MLSTour360 job that we send to you. These MLSTour360 jobs would be in your local geographical area.

In addition, we have a special deal for new MLSTour360 photographers: We will completely waive the 25% marketing fee for every MLSTour360 job that we send to you until your total accumulated revenue exceeds your initial investment in MLSTour360 equipment. In other words, we send free MLSTour360 job opportunities to all new MLSTour360 photographers until their initial investment pays off.

The idea behind our marketing assistance is to relieve you of some of the burden of marketing and client acquisition. We know that many photographers just love to shoot photography and not worry about marketing.

Are There Any Requirements For Being An MLSTour360 Photographer?

You will be given training on how to shoot MLSTour360s at client properties and how to do post-processing work. You will need this knowledge in order to become an MLSTour360 photographer.